PMTA setup

How To Setup PMTA?

For the bulk email servers, PowerMTA is considered as the strongest one. It is appearing as one of the best solutions for lots of issues such as – bounce rates, reach limits and deliverability issues. If you are going to focus on its setup and configuration process, then it is the easiest one. In case you have basic knowledge regarding IT, then you can complete the PMTA setup. Before start working on PowerMTA installation on servers, you should be focused on the following specifications. 

Platform supported 

  • RedHat Enterprise 4.4 or later (64-bit)
  • RedHat Fedora Core 1 or later (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows (2008/2012 or any other server class Windows OS; 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Other RPM and Debian-based distributions supported

Specification for System 

  • 10 GB Hard Drive Disk (higher can be much better)
  • 1 GB Random Access Memory (higher can be much better)

Installation Guide 

In case your device is supporting above mentioned specifications, then you can start PowerMTA setup with IP rotation. For such a task, you need to follow a proper procedure and here you can get explained details. 

Step 1: First of all, the interested ones need to upload a specific pmta tgz or zip file on the server. As per the experts’ recommendations, it should be placed in /root folder or /tmp. 

Step 2: Now you need to untar or unzip the pmta file


tar zxvf pmta.tgz

Step 3: After that, you should explore the PMTA folder. 

Cd pmta

Step 4: Now its time to run the installation of PMTA for PMTA setup. It can be possible with following command. 

rpm -ivh PowerMTA-4.5r1.rpm

In case you are working with Debian operating system, then following command is useful in the installation. 

apt-get install alien

alien -i PowerMTA-4.5r1.rpm –scripts

For making things better, you can install gdb before start working on the installation process of PowerMTA. It can be possible with a command and it is:

yum -y install gdb

Now it is good to go and you can copy your license files to /etc/pmta. After such a task, the task is completed. 

Here, some individuals do not have complete information about the proper installation procedure. As a result, they create several folders on the device. Due to it, they are facing lots of issues. All required folders are created by PowerMTA by own. You have to create some and these are – 

mkdir /etc/pmta/dkim

mkdir /etc/pmta/files

mkdir /etc/pmta/logWith such a step, your task of PowerMTA setup with IP rotation is finally finished

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