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Online businesses and promotions are based on various tools & methods such as – email marketing. Email marketing is not all about sending mail in bulk & get traffic, and the responsibility of an expert does not end here. An expert needs to be focused on consequences and after actions like – queries, replies, conversions, and so on. For managing & performing all these activities perfectly, we should have a good source or tool. Power MTA is going to be that particular tool. The interested ones can hire Power MTA expert for using its all features. Here we discuss some major facts. 

Power MTA – An Introduction 

The email marketing techniques are tagged with different types of glitches and bad elements. Due to it, the interested ones are finding an impressive source of management for various tasks like – manage spam traps, figure out bounces, monitor ISP responses, and so on. Power MTA is providing services in the form of cloud-based email management tool. It is useful for all types and levels of businesses. 

What makes it different?

Before digging more about it, I am going to reveal something good about the tool. It is the only source by which a user can proceed by sending more than 7 to 9 MM emails in an hour. The most interesting part is for such a task, it is not changing servers. If you want to get details about Power MTA setup and installation, then you do not need to face any issue. 

The setup and installation procedure is easier that can be followed and completed by anyone. In case you focus on the registration or sign up process, then you have to use email and a unique password only. 

Key features 

Power MTA is known for its highly useful services and impressive features. Following are some major ones –

  1. Email sequences 

Email sequences is a big feature for numerous businesses, generally, that are managing activities by sharing guides or some kind of information. Requirement and way of using such a feature are completely based on the genre of business. It helps in making a better relationship with customers and sharing data in a perfect manner. 

  1. Newsletter 

All business owners want to build a strong relationship with customers. It can help them in increasing the scale and building a good reputation. Use of Power MTA service with newsletter feature can be useful here. By using it, you are able to send business-related updates to the customers. As a result, they can be aware of all new features and related elements. Consequently, customers never forget you and come back to avail services again. 

  1. Auto responder 

An auto-responder is playing a crucial role in following up a good email marketing strategy. Sometimes, the customers reply to emails. Here, it becomes the responsibility of business management to revert and resolve the queries. These types of operations cannot be performed effectively by humans self. An auto-responder is capable of delivering some quick replies and satisfy the customer’s need. 

Power MTA service – 30 days free trial 

Services of Power MTA are tagged with an offer of 30 days of a free trial. A new user does not need to spend a single for availing its services first 30 days. During such a time period, they are able to inspect the source perfectly and figure out, it is going to be a useful option or not. 

Mainly the services of this SMTP service provider are categorised into two groups, business and standard. If you are choosing the standard plan, then you will able to send around 100,000 emails in an hour. On the other hand, the business plan users can easily send up to 10,00,000 emails without any interruption. You should take the trial time period seriously and come up with a beneficial decision. 

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