The Ultimate Guide to buy Right SMTP Server for reliable Email Marketing

Why do you need to Buy a SMTP Server ?

These days email is the most popular aspect in the means of communications. Through emails we can connect with our friends, family and relatives, no matter how far away they are from us. Just within a minute we can send our message or detail to them. Not only for personal use, email is also beneficial for our business growth. Email marketing is one the most important aspects for promoting a business or any product.

We can send or receive mails through free servers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. But, these free email clients have limitations to send email. That’s why many companies buy their own email servers, which help them to send high volume of email transactions.

The major difference in shared, free SMTP server or in a dedicated SMTP server is the limitations of sending email in a day. Through, free SMTP server we can send email with limited access, which could not help a company or organization to work on email marketing. On the flip side, Dedicated SMTP servers have no limits and we can target unlimited recipients in a single day.

Whenever a company buys an SMTP server for their work, they ensure about the low or zero spam score in sending bulk emailing. The chances of spamming increase when we send bulk emails through a free SMTP server. But, in the SMTP services take care of these things like cause the recipients’ systems and filters to flag your emails as spam. When we buy SMTP servers from trusted companies they assure that their emails will not stop anti-spam filters and ISP restrictions.

Benefits Of Running SMTP Server

Nowadays, SMTP server is the most important for those companies, who are operating email marketing on a regular basis. For making their email marketing more effective and efficient they must buy Dedicated SMTP servers. Below are the some benefits of using a dedicated SMTP server. 

No Limitations to Send Emails

Through Dedicated SMTP server one can send unlimited emails on a regular basis, which is the major benefit of it.

Detailed Reports

In using dedicated SMTP, the user can get the accurate data of how many emails are bounced, delayed and received. These services provide the campaign manager and administrator with having all reports and needed tools as well. This information helps you show how effective your email is and also gives ideas about the method and the content which you use for email marketing whether it needs to do some effective change or develop a new one. 

Security of Email List

Running your own SMTP server helps to make your all email details confidential. All the email address list is under your control and safe. No one can see the details, as your SMTP login credentials are safe.

Easy Process to handle

The process of SMTP server is easy and hassle free as we do not need to worry about the terms and condition of the provider. The server is connected with other clients also, through which if there will be any issue and spamming, all the clients get affected.


The major benefits of SMTP server is cost effectiveness. We do not need to pay the cost according to the number of emails. We can just send bulk emails through SMTP, which reduce the cost of business.

Guidelines for choosing best SMTP server for Email Marketing

There is no doubt that SMTP servers come up with lots of benefits, but it completely depends on the provider’s service, cost, offered features etc. While choosing an SMTP server we must follow below guidelines.

Domain Restrictions

While buying the SMTP server always ensures that the plan should come up with another hosting also. As all the domains restrictions are taken care of by the provider.


Always ensures the pricing of the SMTP hosting is in reasonable budget. Buying a hosting with a number of features for a little time is a waste of money. Buy SMTP service which you need only.


For sending bulk emails, the SMTP server should have a good capacity. The best SMTP server will always have this feature and allow your emails to be sent quickly without taking much time. If a provider offers you many features in SMTP hosting, there would be some chances to slow down the deliverability of emails.


While buying an SMTP server we must check out the main features like real time delivery reports and selective dispersion. In the feature of selective dispersion, emails will be sent on a particular time period. Real time reports are the main and useful feature though we can check if our emails are reached to the audience, if there is any error we can check our SMTP settings right away without wasting time.


The reputation of the SMTP server provider is most important. Emails sent through a reputed SMTP server will lower the chances of spamming and flagging. Also, they will help you in resending the failed emails.


Many benefits come up when you  buy a SMTP server hosting for sending bulk emails with the security of your emails data. Hope this article may help you in choosing the best SMTP server for your business.

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